Monday, 20 May 2024

In Governance

Diverse views have been expressed about the Chinese socio-political and economic model. These range from the Chinese themselves who, of course, uncritically praise their system as a faultless model, their competitors in the West who condemn it outright as reprehensible and undesirable, and Africans who are of mixed, confused and unthought-out emotions.

Perspective matters when assessing the Afghanistan War, especially for Africans. Business owners, large or small, will tell you that it does not make sense to keep spending in a business unit that is lossmaking and draining financial resources for years; that is Afghanistan War to the American economy.

African Society needs to learn, adopt, and adhere to Change Leadership in order to bring transformation that is more than just equality, but becomes equity to all. 

“Transformation is the new type of change that has emerged and it is by far the most prevalent and complex type occurring in organisations today.